Jam Jar Challenge



The ‘Jam Jar Challenge’ is a simple initiative devised to inspire the school children of Tunbridge Wells to play their part in making Calverley Adventure Grounds a reality. Children were invited to raise funds by collecting coins in a clean jam jar during the month of June. Although this fundraising initiative is officially finished, we are still encouraging families to continue filling their jam jars.

Many local retailers are kindly displaying our jars throughout the high street. If you are a local retailer, of know of one, who wishes to show their support, please email us at ‘hello@calverleyadventuregrounds.co.uk‘ and we will be delighted to deliver one!

If you are looking for inspiration on ways to fill your jam jar, ours is full of wonderful ideas on how to raise money. Scroll down to our ‘A-Z’ of fundraising ideas and supporting materials. Listen to the children of  Tunbridge Wells explain more about The Jam Jar Challenge by clicking on the image below …


Children in participating schools who raised more that £15 were awarded with a ‘top fundraiser’ wristband.  The class who raised the most was awarded a class treat of  scrummy ice cream courtesy of Flossies Ice Cream Parlour. The school who raised the most won the ultimate Jam Jar Challenge trophy!


Top Fundraiser Wristband


Winners for July 2016

This summer, the Jam Jar Trophy was awarded to the Claremont Primary School, with the class winners being 2C.

On Saturday, 2nd July Metrobank hosted a celebration for people to return their jars . Using their magic counting machine, the local community showed up in their hundreds to turn coins into notes and received a goodie bag for all their hard work! Click on the image to see the counting machine in action  …

The Magic Coin Machine

How to return your money
Gift Aid envelopes were handed out to all participating schools on 4th July 2016.

If you are school still school, retailer or community club still participating in the Jam Jar Challenge: Please email us at ‘hello@calverleyadventuregrounds.co.uk‘ and a team member will collect and bank your donation.


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